A Happy Home for…Pierce! (#48)

HNI_0073A Happy Home is a blog series where I post my own designs for villagers I’ve come across. I hope it provides some inspiration for your own designs!

This week, let’s take a look at Pierce’s request. He’d like a classy training room.

With the outside, I wanted it to look sophisticated and clean. The main colour palette for the house exterior was blue and grey. Using some QR Codes, I put down a bunch of grey tiles to keep that theme going. On the left are some fancy parking spaces for villagers who want to check out Pierce’s gym.

HNI_0072I used the bushes to add some greenery to the design, while also giving them more functionality as they’re used to separate the parking spaces.

Lastly, because of the item limit, I wanted to use the space I had left to add items that made the exterior seem elegant and inviting – thus, the fountains!

With the inside, I went with a darker colour scheme: black, red, and gold. The contrast between Pierce’s gym equipment and the high-end furniture is pretty weird, huh? Nothing says upscale, classy gym like having the Mona Lisa painting in front of your treadmills!

HNI_0073 HNI_0075

Of course, there’s also a stereo behind the Gorgeous Counter that’s playing some classical music – the perfect choice for a workout.

Want to visit this design “in person”? The Happy Home Network id is: 0490-5782-843

So, what do you think of this room? Feel free to share your own designs for this villager in the comments below!


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