A Happy Home for…Flurry! (#46)

HNI_0066A Happy Home is a blog series where I post my own designs for villagers I’ve come across. I hope it provides some inspiration for your own designs!

Winter may be over but not for Flurry. She’s requesting a winter wonderland so let’s get started!

HNI_0061With the outside, I decided to put her house right at the edge of the cliff and line it with some snow-covered bushes to create a sense of symmetry.

The exterior is rather simple in its item selection because with the snow, there’s still a lot going on visually. Don’t want to make it look too overwhelming!

Moving to the inside, Flurry’s house has two large rooms located on a single floor. The main room you enter first is the living room/dining room/kitchen area (image on the left). On the right is her bedroom and work space.

HNI_0062  HNI_0065

With both rooms, I used a more simplistic floor pattern since the wall designs are pretty intricate. Again, it’s a matter of balancing the ultra-detailed items with a plainer design so that they complement each other.

Also, don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour! In Flurry’s room, I added the Princess Carpet. The floral designs pair nicely with the snowflake image on her bed, while the pastel peachy colour works great with the pastel blues.


Want to visit this design “in person”? The Happy Home Network id is: 0406-5789-803

So, what do you think of this room? Feel free to share your own designs for this villager in the comments below!


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